Kejriwal rakes up farmers’ suicide issue in Punjab


Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday raked up farmers’ suicide issue in Punjab and claimed people are “yearning” for a change.

“Farmers are committing suicide and recently a farmer and his mother committed suicide,” Mr Kejriwal, who was here to attend a Bar Council programme, said.

He said the next Assembly election will not be just another election but a “revolution” which would uproot the “corrupt” and “non-performing” Akali-BJP regime. “We want to see a Punjab which is prosperous. Let us make Punjab where no farmer commits suicide,” he said.

Notably, unable to pay a loan, a farmer and his elderly mother committed suicide on Tuesday at Jodhpur village allegedly when a commission agent, alongwith police and revenue officials, was trying to take possession of his land.