“Meditationis Medication for the Soul” : Sant Rajinder Singh Ji


(By Renee Mehrra) New York : Recently Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, great spiritual luminary and Master of meditation on the inner Light and Sound, was invited to the United Nations to speak about “Medication as Medication for the Soul.” Well Being Network Club, grateful that Sant Rajinder Singh was blessing them with his spiritual message that medication can contribute to the health and wellness of our body, mind, and soul.
He went a step further in describing how meditation also benefits the soul, as it leads us to realizing our true self, saying, “On spiritual health rests our physical and mental health.” He pointed out that the benefits meditation provides to our body and mind only lasts as long as does our body and mind. However, the part of us that powers our body and mind which is the soul lasts beyond the physical body. He was warmly welcomed by Rev. Susana Bastirrica, President of UNSRC of Salus. The international audience included His Excellency Vijay Nambiar.Sant Rajinder Singh Ji clearly outlined how meditation has become accepted in the He beautifully laid out that when we anchor ourselves in the stability of our soul through meditation, we achieve lasting happiness, bliss, and peace. Referring to the need to heal our inner child, he described how when that happens, we reach out and heal the world. “We then build bridges to our soul and God, and from out soul to all others, embracing each as their very own.”
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji has a unique background and is known internationally as the scientist-saint. He is an alumnus with a B.Tech degree in engineering from I.I. T. Madras acclaimed as the best engineering university in India, and a graduate of I.I.T Chicago, with a twenty-year career in one of the largest communications companies in the world. Along with spiritual training in meditation from two great spiritual Masters, he makes meditation simple and clear to modern audiences by using the scientific method for people to test the hypothesis for themselves of whether there are regions of Light and celestial Music with us that exists concurrently with this world. Meditation lets us experience proof for ourselves of what lies Beyond. He brilliantly pointed out that we can collect knowledge from Google, but cannot gain wisdom through Google.” That wisdom can only be gained by the inner experiences we gain from meditation. Following the talk, there was a lively question and answer session with UN staff members. His clear message in response to questions about global peace was that we cannot fix others; we can only fix ourselves. When we do so, we radiate that peace to others and contribute to making the world a better and a more peaceful place. The visit to the United Nations concluded a three-city tour to Seattle, Washington; Edison, New Jersey; and Amityville, New York, where he inaugurated two more Science of Spirituality Centers to the already over 2,000 centers where people can come to learn and practice meditation.
Closing remarks were given by Renee Mehrra, Advisory member of the Women’s Cabinet for NYC Mayor De Blasio’s Office for Immigrant Affairs. She thanked Sant Rajinder Singh Ji for his presence which it is hoped lends a stabilizing and peaceful influence on the world today. As Sant Rajinder Singh Ji pointed out, Inner peace can bring about outer peace.”