Take My Sari – A brand new shopping app


(By a staff reporter) New York– As the power of online shopping grows each day worldwide, a new app emerging into the scene is Take My Sari. Take My Sari is a brand new app for boutiques and shopaholics that love South Asian culture. Everything from clothing to home goods will soon be available at the tip of your fingertips. Take My Sari is an online marketplace for all things South Asian including clothes for Men, Women, Children, and household goods, both new and used.
Take My Sari caters to two different markets, including the vendor and the buyer.  The app will allow a user to upload pictures of items currently in their closest and create an online store to sell their product and become a vendor on Take My Sari. As the average Indian wears her Indian garments (Sari, Lenghas, Punjabis) at most 2 or 3 times, this will allow them to sell their clothing for extra cash. The app is similar to Etsy, another online marketplace for various handmade goods. A buyer visiting the app will have the opportunity to browse hundreds of online stores created by friends, family or strangers and will have the option to buy or rent the item of their choice. Search options will be available via geographical locations, rent/sell option, color/size option, and by style category. Buyers can also connect via Facebook to see which friends have set up online shops.
A rating and review feature – embedded in the app will allow buyers to feel comfortable to trust the seller and complete a purchase. Additional features of Take My Sari will include shipping with insurance, direct chat between seller and buyer and an invoicing program to be included in the second phase of programming.  Take My Sari will operate on a commission based price point by taking 3% from the seller and 3% from the buyer.
What makes Take My Sari unique from other apps on the market that ‘rent/sell/buy’, is that there will be no central inventory. On this app, individuals do not have to already be designers or shop owners; they can literally sell from the comfort of their own home. Take My Sari will not have a physical warehouse or be facilitating any transaction, but will simply provide a platform for the community to connect for sales.
“Since the average Indian woman wears her clothing twice at the most, the time has come to not only share and sell our clothing with others, but to drive the market rate down so that it is affordable for everyone” says Take My Sari Founder, Sonya Gill. Gill was inspired to launch Take My Sari during her sister’s wedding, when her, her sister and her mom all had piles of Indian clothing shoes and accessories piled up high and didn’t have the desire to wear any of that previously worn clothing.  Gill, launched Take My Sari after her Toronto-based social media and PR company Youzus, was acquired by Cummins & Partners in 2015, where she was also appointed vice-president of engagement and a partner.
Take My Sari will be available June 1st via their website (www.takemysari.com) and Android and iOS App.