How more and more Indian couples are live streaming sex to earn quick money


According to some reports, newcomers earn up to Rs 60,000 per day, whereas famous couples earn up to Rs 15 lakh per month.

(Agencies) An increasing number of Indian couples are engaging in live streaming of their sexual acts on porn websites for quick money, cyber experts have warned. According to an estimate, as many as 2,000 have been providing content to adult portals, performing stripping and sexual acts in exchange for digital currency.   The issue came to light after a Hyderabad-based software engineer was arrested for secretly live-streaming sex with his wife on a porn site for six months.
“In this case, the wife was unaware of the act but thousands of Indians have willingly made this illegal profession their full-time job,” a senior cyber security researcher with a central law enforcement agency said.
According to cyber experts, porn content is a major contributor in online revenue and there is a huge demand of Indian content which is pulling young couple to perform sex-ondemand. Several of these couples have been featured on world’s top porn websites, with subscriber base touching a million, an analysis of some adult sites by Mail Today team found.
“At any point of time, there are more than 2,000 active users and the total number may be extremely high as many are engaged only on part-time basis for quick money,” said Kislay Chaudhary, Delhi cyber crime expert, who assists state police in cases. Live streaming is being used in a way that it can be called ‘strip club’ of the virtual world.
Couples entice their viewers by kissing, stripping and using sex toys and finally take paid users to private shows. In paid shows, they customize sex acts as per the demand of paid users and even take names of highest tipper. All the money is paid through tips or tokens allocated by viewers in crypocurrency. In one day, a couple can make anywhere between Rs 35,000-60,000. “Porn is money spinner on the internet. There are writers, video/picture uploaders and live streamers.
They customize their content as per the latest trends and demand to get more eyeballs, which means more money. Many Indians are engaged willingly as police fails to act. Entire shooting, uploading telecasting of porn content of videos is illegal. Law exists against it but no action is taken. Enforcement agencies need to crackdown on such content,” said Deep Shanker, a cyber expert.
Shanker claims newcomers get around Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.25 lakh a month but ‘pro-Indian’ users can earn a whooping Rs 15 lakh a month, which has made it it a permanent business for many couples. Not only popular global porn websites host such live telecaster but increasing demand has made many Indian websites host such videos. Experts say that although operating a porn website is illegal in India, people register and host it in places like Panama to avoid the police net. Publishing or transmitting a sexually explicit act is a crime under Section 67A of The IT Act, 2000.
The Hyderabad live steaming video was only tracked down after it went viral and came to the notice of the vitim. “It took six months for the police to zero in on the husband as the accused in the case, tracing the IP address bank accounts, chat history and so on,” said Assistant Commissioner of Police (Cyber Crime Police Station) S Jayram. The accused told police that he was hard pressed for money and therefore sold the video. He had made around `35,000 by selling videos. One of the couples who perform on several live sex sites said they were inspired by Sunny Leone and their act should be seen as “performance” and not as any illegal act. The two claimed to be from Bangalore, but MT could not verify this. They wearing a mask and played Bollywood music in their background and spoke in Hindi and English as per viewer demand.