The bindaas bride: Women are no longer coy mannequins on their wedding day


(Agencies)  A wedding video that has gone viral has turned a bride into a mini celebrity. This is the kind of insta-fame that everyone is aiming for. While it’s fun, the pressure can also be too much.
Delhi girl Amisha Bhardwaj has become an internet celebrity overnight. Her wedding video, which shows her performing to Cheap Thrills by Sia, is breaking the internet. In the video, Amisha shows off her coolest dance moves, while getting ready for her destination wedding. Her couldn’t-care-less attitude and wild, unrestrained dancing has got people talking. Wearing chooda on her wrists, funky shorts and a pair of sunglasses, she grooves to the song in a totally uninhibited fashion.
Amisha had no idea that the video would go viral. “I never imagined that people would go crazy about it. We shot it while I was getting ready and waiting for my bridegroom, Pranav, who was late. I was super angry, as it was a beachside wedding and I wanted it to be perfect. My videographer suggested that we dance to kill time. I didn’t know that the video would be so cool. I’m getting friend requests and messages from people across the world. But the best compliment came from my husband. He said he is proud of me because I am so bindaas,” says Amisha. “My in-laws are also going crazy about it. They have been complimenting me and sharing the video with friends.”Pawandeep Singh, owner, Coolbluez, who made the video along with his partner Surpreet Kaur, says that he didn’t want Amisha’s wedding video to be mush-loaded and melodramatic. “She wanted something cool, quirky and out of the box. We thought that a video of a bride dancing to a fun, peppy number with her bridesmaids will be cool. Cheap Thrills by Sia seemed to be the perfect pick. Amisha is a confident girl and she performed flawlessly,” he says.