Indian-origin couple’s murder in US: Family in shock


(Agencies)  Mangaluru : The relatives of Raynah Prabhu, a native of Mangaluru who was gunned down with her husband Naren Prabhu at their Willow Glen home in San Jose (USA), are in a state of shock.Raynah’s relatives – mother Lila Sequeira, 86, and sisters Diana and Zina – have left for the US to attend the funeral scheduled for May 10. Lila was born and brought up in Karambar near Mangaluru International Airport in Bajpe. She moved to Mumbai when she was 20. Later, she married Stephen Sequeira, a businessman.
“The couple has four daughters – Ina, Raynah, Diana and Zina,” recalled Wilfred Mathias, Raynah’s cousin who is an electrical contractor and local politician in the coastal town. Wilfred, who presently stays at Raynah’s ancestral home, added that she visited the house on several occasions when she was young. “She loved to call herself a Mangalurean,” Wilfred added.Raynah married Naren 25 years ago and migrated to the US in 1997. The couple visited Mangaluru 20 years ago, when Rachel, their daughter, was a child. Her sister Ina is also settled in the US. Naren was the vice-president at Sunnyvale-based Juniper Networks. However, Lila has many relatives in and around Bajpe and Mangaluru. She would visit Mangaluru often. “During the feast of Nativity of Mother Mary on September 8 last year, my aunt (Lila) was here. That time, she received compensation for handing over the property to Mangaluru airport for its expansion. Before that, she participated in an ordination ceremony of her relative in April.”
On May 5, Prabhu and Raynah were fatally shot by Rachel’s spurned former boyfriend Mirza Tatlic, 24. Before being shot down by police, Mirza had briefly held the couple’s 13-year-old son hostage.