Shah Rukh Khan on his TED talk debut


(Agencies)  Shah Rukh Khan’s TED talk video which was recently released saw the actor throw light on his life as he spoke about fame, humanity and love. On a platform where inspiring and change provoking speakers talk about education, business, science, tech and creativity, Shah Rukh chose to be different. The 17-minute talk saw Shah Rukh in is usually best as he used wit and humour to keep the session engaging and interesting. He kept the audience enthralled throughout and the room time and again was filled with applause and laughter as Shah Rukh continued to share his thoughts.A leading tabloid recently asked Shah Rukh as to why he chose an unusual topic on a platform where people discuss their success stories. To this, the actor said, “People who come on TED Talks are amazing – achievers, thinkers and innovators. Being an actor known for romance, I felt it was important for me to speak about love instead of just Indian films or Bollywood. It would have been easy talking about how an actor thinks, or the pressures of it. I wanted it to be more universal in appeal, instead of what I do as an actor.”
Shah Rukh is “extremely glad” over the kind of response his TED talk received. He further added, “I was actually trying to put across something that I believe our country instils in us. The speech was a summation of my life in my country and all that I have learnt so far. I have been lucky to get so much love. I had to bring to the fore the personality of the Indian brethren, which is nothing short of overwhelming.” “Logon ka dil jo hai hamaare desh mein pyaar se bhara hua hai. So, if one is able to translate it for the rest of the world, it will be phenomenal. We have amazing things happening around in terms of human achievements in all fields. If love and these developments go hand in hand, we can create a happy place to live. With the first speech, all I wanted was to give people this message,” continued Shah Rukh.