I want my children to love and respect all religions: SRK


(Insider Bureau)  Shah Rukh Khan wishes his three children- Aryan, Suhana and AbRam- should learn and respect all religions. SRK, who greeted the media with an interactive session on Eid, talked about his religious beliefs and said, “I truly believe traditions and religions are all very personal. I think children, grown-ups should be left to learn it themselves.”Speaking about his growing-up days, the ‘ Raees’ star said, “My parents introduced me to everything. It was a refugee colony where I lived. So my parents used to be equally happy if I used to go to Ramleela or for Eid celebrations. That ways, you learn and respect and love each other because you learn each other’s religion on your own. So, I hope my children do the same. My memories and my thinking is this for them!” Shah Rukh revealed that he’s currently reading the Mahabharata, the stories of which he likes and even shares with AbRam. “Similarly, the stories and anecdotes I know about Islam, I share those with my kids too. But I tell them as stories and I hope they learn and respect all the religions on their own and enjoy the fact that their traditions and their beauty need to be respected.”“I request that if you see them publicly two things- first don’t assume that they can handle media frenzy because they get awkward too, and also don’t assume that they want to be actors. So, no, my children will finish the studies, in my house, the minimum qualification is to graduate, otherwise no entry in my home. If they want to be an actor, they will have to study to be an actor. So there is a long way to go yaar,” he added.