George Maragos declares “Begining of a New Era” in Nassau County Politics


(News Agencies)Nassau Democratic county executive candidate George Maragos, who had  declared the “beginning of a new era in county politics, when he announced formation of a ticket to challenge candidates backed by the county Democratic Party is all set to give strong showing in  the September 12 primary. A source very close to Maragos campaign claimed that  “Ordinary residents are rising up to take back their government from the political bosses and the special interests”.
Maragos; who is serving his second term as county comptroller, will battle out Nassau Democrats endorsed county Legislature Laura Curran for democratic primary. Maragos had changed his party affiliation from GOP to Democrat last year.
“The rationale for my decision to embrace the platform of the Democratic Party is well documented. Establishment bosses are in total panic that their hand picked, unqualified puppet candidate has been rejected by the Nassau voters,” Maragos campaign noted in a recent statement.
Recently Comptroller George Maragos far exceeded the number of signatures needed to get on the ballot, setting the stage for a primary in September. Primary winner will go against Republican candidate Senator Jack Martins. Maragos said the “signatures clearly demonstrate that the Democratic voters in Nassau County are sick and tired of high property taxes and rampant government corruption on both sides of the aisle.”
County Comptroller George Maragos, also  has the largest war chest of the three candidates, leaving $1,288,023 in the bank as of last week after spending $235,274. Maragos previously loaned his campaign $1.5 million and is not taking contributions from special-interest donors.