‘I have full control’


Kim Kardashian sizzles in Violet Grey shoot as she discusses creating her crystal-inspired KKW Fragrance

(News Agencies)On Wednesday she released an astonishing seventh perfume in her line of fragrances. Kim Kardashian seems very proud that she has ‘full control’ of the creative process over KKWF as she talked to Violet Grey for a cover story released on Wednesday morning.
The 36-year-old social media maven posed nearly naked and looked positively stunning in a series of images for the lifestyle publication.
‘I have full control over what I want the campaign to look like, the bottle to look like, the scent to smell like,’ Kardashian said about her fragrance line.
While she revels in responsibility, the mother-of-two said she trusts ‘the perfume house, because they are the experts.’
‘The meetings are fascinating, because you go in and have lists of everything you love, everything that evokes a memory,’ Kim said.As the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians prepares to welcome her third child via surrogate, healing energy was at the forefront of her mind during the design process.
‘My bottle looked like a crystal—it was all about healing,’ Kim said. ‘I feel like when I started to make the fragrance a year ago, it all just really clicked in my head.’
Kim turned to the healing stones after the ordeal in Paris last year, during which she was tied up and gagged while robbers stole an estimated $10 million worth of jewelry from her, including her $4 million, 20-carat engagement ring.
‘People would come over and give me these healing crystals, and I wanted a perfume I could hold in my hand like a healing crystal, that gives off good vibes and good energy.’
She said she has been drawn to decidant scents from a young age where she recalled ‘every time my Dad (Robert Kardashian) would travel, he’d bring me and Kourtney back a perfume.’
‘Gardenias are my happy place,’ she said. ‘When I smell them, it brings me back to memories of being eight years old in Hawaii.
‘I have seven fragrances, and my first one was heavily gardenia. And that’s my favorite scent out of the seven. I’m still working with the perfume house that did my other seven, Givaudan, and I love them, but this is a really independent project for me, and I wanted to start out with what I love best.’
As Kim unveiled her new creation, fans couldn’t help but resemble the new chic fragrance packaging to a not so glamorous object.
Some of the reality star’s followers replied: ‘I love u Kim but this packaging looks a bit like a dildo.’ Another fan wrote: ‘Every beauty product that Kim Kardashian is selling in her line looks like a sex toy.’ Even Kim’s new found friend Jennifer Lawrence has questioned the TV icon’s beauty packaging while guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this month. Kim responded: ‘That didn’t come to mind until after I posted it to social media and I was like, “Oh f**k, this looks like a dildo!”’