Dalai Lama infuses hope among Tibetans


BHUBANESWAR: Hundreds of Tibetan people including women and small children wearing bright smiles on their faces and colourful chupas (the native dress of Tibet) turned KIIT University campus vibrant and lively here on Tuesday. It was an emotional moment for the residents of Chandragiri Tibetan settlement of Gajapati district in Odisha who were visibly overwhelmed to get their revered spiritual leader amidst them.

Addressing the gathering in a jam-packed auditorium the Buddhist spiritual leader asked the Tibetans to promote and preserve their culture, tradition and language. “Don’t lose Tibetan spirit and self-confidence to fight at any cost. For the last 60 years they tried various methods to break Tibetan struggle. They considered me not only as a separatist but also as a demon. China has a totalitarian system and has no future,” Lama said.

Giving hope to the Tibetans he said, “1.3 billion Chinese has the right to know the reality. Once they know the truth there is a possibility of change.”
The Tibetans performed Drongshey, a traditional tribal dance of Tibet and sang folk music to welcome Dalai Lama, who was on a two-day visit to the state. They also offered their traditional food Tsampa and drink Chhang the Lama.

“It is like a dream come true. I have no words to describe the feelings when I find my God in front of my eyes. This is a rare moment and we are lucky and blessed to meet him,” said Thakochano Lhamochonzom, a 70-year-old lady with tears rolling down her cheeks.
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The visitors had also offered Khata – a traditional white scarf Tibetan Buddhists offer to the Lord – to Dalai Lama on the occasion.
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“This is only a token of our love to our Lord. We cannot give him anything but our love. After he touches these offerings we will distribute it amongst us and also store it for future use,” said Tenzing Mingyur, who is born and brought up in Chandragiri.


Besides, a number of Buddhist monks from Jirang Monastery were also waited with excitement to listen to their religious Guru. Dalai Lama advised them to be logical in their teachings. “Education is the most important thing we can give to our children. So don’t follow things blindly,” he advised the young monks.