An appeal to the community


Dear Publishers & Editors,
Namaskar. Please take up the issue of “Apology for Racial Slurs called for Indo-American community in the Edison Municipal Complex” with the community leaders and various organizations. “Indians are cockroaches, animals, illegal & go home”, these are the worst ever called racial slurs for any community in over 200 years history of America. This “Apology” is long over due and much needed from Edison Administration at this hour because we need to address the other serious issues affecting the community. We had ignored when Joel Stein made fun of Hindu Gods and Indo-American community living in Edison in an article “My Own Private India” published by Time magazine.
We had ignored when an 11 yrs old was traumatized, terrorized and abused by US Media for demanding equal rights with Christians and Jews of his town along with age appropriate changes in Bullying Laws from Gov Christie in a public meeting at Spotswood, New Jersey.
Again we ignored when an 8 yrs old Gujarati child was traumatized, terrorized and punished for drawing a perfect Swastika along with the Christmas Tree in a Middlesex County Public School. The child was given an assignment to draw some thing related to his holidays. Further he was counseled that “Swastika is a bad symbol.” If I would have been the educator, I would have circulated his drawing as an example of “Diversity” all over America. Then we ignored Democrat Peter Jacob who tries to capitalize on the bogey of “Swastika” to win Congressional election in Dist. 7 of New Jersey.
During the trial of Aakash Dalal & Anthony Graziano under the quasi-criminal Bergen County Prosecutor Mollinelli his Assistants Thomas Kearney and Brian Sinclair has grossly mislead the jury by calling some graffiti as “Swastika” for pictures of each incident of vandalism/graffiti at 3 synagogues of New Jersey. As a Hindu I strongly condemn such acts of vandalism at any House of worship and I strongly believe people of my community feels the same. But the first question that must comes to every one’s mind is whether it was Swastika or Nazi Logo or just graffitithat was drawn outside the Synagogues. It is a shame that ignorant people wants to call Nazi Logo or graffiti a Swastika for their vested interest. At no stage both of them ever tried to show to the jury a picture of Nazi Logo or Swastika, so that the Jury could compare and decide what name should be given to the graffiti/vandalism. At the time of sentencing under their new boss County Prosecutor Gurbir S. Grewal both Thomas Kearny and Brian Sinclair put the final nail in the coffin by calling “Swastika is the most hated symbol in the world”! The trial was reported very heavily in print, TV and Social Media.
We can not allow “Swastika” to be cursed, disrespected, ridiculed and called most hated symbol in the world. It is creating confusion, fear and misinformation in the minds of young Hindus about their own religious symbol.
The fact is Swastika originated in 2000BC and is an auspicious symbol for over 1 Billion Hindus and 4.5 millions Jains, 500 million Buddhist and 20 mil Europeans, Chinese and few others sects out of the total 7.3 Billion world population. Swastika has been a symbol of peace, harmony and good luck for thousands of years. To reprimand a Hindu child for drawing a “Swastika” is highly offensive to all the Hindus around the world and totally unacceptable. To call “Swastika” world’s most hated symbol in the world is highly insulting and hurting the religious feelings of 1.6 billion believers of Swastika.
We are a highly educated and advanced society, by associating the “Swastika” with the Nazis or any graffiti; we are insulting and hurting the religious feelings of Hindus, Buddhist, Jains and other sects that believe in “Swastika”. Then we are only giving credit to the monstrosities of Nazi’s horrible regime. Symbols have been abused throughout history and hence the importance of explaining people their true origin lies with the present generation especially the media, educators, political leaders and the religious leaders of different faiths. We must start a petition to White House “STOP CALLING NAZI LOGO or similar graffiti A SWASTIKA”.
It is my humble request to all the editors and publishers of the Indian Media in USA; please for the sake of the community, young children as well our coming generations; call all the community leaders, cultural, business, political & religious organizations and those elected to public offices for an open debate with in the community; so a united action can be taken against the very serious issues affecting the community.
By Dave Makkar