Indian-American investment bankers quit jobs, start casual Indian restaurant in US


(Insider Bureau) Washington aTwo young Indian-Americans investment bankers have quit their well-paid jobs to start a fine fast casual Indian restaurant here which they aspire to take to every nook and corner of the US at an affordable price.
RASA, founded by Rahul Vinod and Sahil Rahman, serves Indian food in the Chipotle-style manner, joining a national movement of new fast-casual joints.
The name of the restaurant ‘RASA’ is not only a combination of the two co-founders names – Rahul and Sahil – but in Sanskrit it also translates to “essence or taste” in English.
“There is this perception that Indian food is unhealthy or heavy, or filled with butter,” says Sahil, 26, who founded Rasa with his childhood friend, Rahul, 27.“We are excited to show people that is not the case. It is very clean and healthy food. It is just in the way you prepare it.”“What is awesome about Indian food and it is just so diverse. There is such a variety in flavors. People think oh it’s just spicy but there’s so many delicious sweet dishes. There’s so much from the north to the south that you can pull from,” said Rahul.
The two co-founders are sons of celebrated hospitality veterans and longtime business partners Chef K N Vinod and Surfy Rahman.